What is Boudoir Anyway?

In order to understand why YOUdoir is different than Boudoir one must understand what Boudoir really is. Do YOU really know what it is? I usually hear responses like “its sexy pictures” or “stuff like Playboy magazines” to “50’s pin ups”.  So who is right? Or?

The actual word Boudoir, pronounced boo dwăawr, is a French word meaning a women’s private dressing room, or bedroom. Which translates in photographic terms to a bedroom, hotel or any other area that is deemed intimate and classy to photograph in.

Ok, now you know the origins of the word (and how to say it!) but WHAT IS a Boudoir session?

A boudoir session can be almost anything! From cute 50’s pin-up to a scene from 50 Shades, it all depends on the person! Does it mean you have to be nude or partially nude? NO! You can be fully clothed and looking sultry or you can have artistic nudes, it is really all dependent on what you want. The photos are tasteful and nudity is typically implied rather than explicit (although depends on what you want of course). They are sensual and sexy as well as classy and elegant.

Bra and panties? Boudoir

HIS button up work shirt? Boudoir

Cute sweater dress? Boudoir

Thong and heels? Boudoir

PJ’s? Boudoir

See? It doesn’t have to be all lingerie and corsets!

Do you feel that you have a good handle on what Boudoir photography is now?

The next post will cover the difference between YOUdoir and Boudoir… but until then, anyone want to take a stab at what makes them different?

Popping My Blog Cherry!

426-2This is our VERY FIRST post! I found picking a topic for our blog was one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make in regards to business. There are so many different topics I can cover and talk about… we could be here all day! However, I have decided I would love to talk about how to erase the stigma of what boudoir is.

The Boudoir genre is something near and dear to my heart. I have always loved all of the retro 50’s girls and grew up looking at icons like Marylin Monroe! But it is something deeper than that, it hits home because I love this new transition the world is finding themselves in coming out of this “body shaming” era.  The acceptance of ones body is one of the most unselfish and most rewarding things a person can do for themselves and I believe that boudoir can help.

Sure, I have photographed the “human Barbies” that are the perfect examples of what we see in magazines, AND THAT IS OK! However, what I am seeing more of are curvy girls! I am seeing this new emergence of using boudoir to boost confidence, not necessarily for their significant others pleasure. The new wave of “normal” people coming into our studio and using these as a way to be ok with themselves and to prove to themselves that they are beautiful is very gratifying and is also a huge confidence boost to myself and my assistant as well.

Through this blog series I hope to redefine what the current term boudoir means, how it is perfect for everyone, and to show the world some real beauty the way I see it; through the lens.